Company Overview

Our Belief & Approach

At Patientriciti, we believe that:

  • Patient Engagement is critical to enabling the shift to the fee-for value model – a key component of the healthcare transformation.
  • Engaged Patients are much more likely to modify their behavior and take greater responsibility for their care.
  • Personalizing the communication with Patients leads to higher rates of engagement. Each Patient is unique – demographically, clinically, and behaviorally; and needs to be engaged differently.
  • Patients can be encouraged to change behavior through behavioral science strategies like incentives and social gaming.

Patientriciti’s unique approach combines proprietary technology capability with proven marketing techniques and behavioral science strategies to help Providers efficiently engage with their Patients.

Patientriciti’s proprietary technology platform identifies, connects, and activates Patients on their terms to efficiently engage with their Providers.

Patientriciti integrates demographic and clinical data from Providers with proven consumer marketing techniques, and our patent-pending adaptive learning engine to personalize each contact with Patients.

We enable healthcare organizations to maximize the engagement success rate by communicating with the Patients in the mode they prefer (e.g., email, text, phone, online), in the language they prefer, and at the time they prefer

We use proven strategies from behavioral science to encourage Patients to act and to modify their behavior, resulting in improved clinical outcomes, lower costs, and increased market share for Providers.

Our Solutions

Patientriciti offers Marketing and Care Management solutions to Providers:

Marketing Solutions: Helps Providers increase revenue in current fee-for-service reimbursement models

  • Streamline Hospital/Clinic Visits – Appointment reminder notifications; Reduce no-shows
  • Manage gaps in care: identify and schedule missed appointments, immunization alerts, wellness and screening visits)
  • Patient Satisfaction Surveys
  • Meet Meaningful Use (MU) Requirements relating to Patient engagement
  • Inform Patients about Hospital/Clinic events

Transitional Care Management (Reducing Readmissions) – Avoiding readmission penalties by engaging discharged patients through outreach programs

  • Review patient discharge instructions
  • Stay compliant with medication
  • Assess their health status through a series of questions
  • Schedule follow-up care
  • Identify gaps in care and alert care team when clinical intervention is needed

Chronic Care Management – Helping Providers succeed in the emerging fee-for-value reimbursement models by improving outcomes and lowering costs for chronically ill patients

  • Programs to educate patients on disease management
  • Stay compliant with medication
  • Track and assess patient health status through a series of questions
  • Schedule follow-up care
  • Identify gaps in care, and alert care team when needed. Reduces the burden of routine care management work by helping the care team focus on the patients that need help.

Our Capabilities

Patientriciti’s solution is a cloud-based, adaptive engagement platform. Our capabilities include:

  • Population analytics engine – Identifies the target population for different programs – based on clinical, demographic, and geographical screening criteria
  • Personalized patient experience – based on preferred mode of communication, preferred language, preferred day/time of communication. Known to substantially increase engagement rates.
  • Customized Program Development – Enables Providers/Payers to easily create customized programs specific to the needs of their target population segments. Use Patientriciti’s templates/libraries to create notifications and surveys, or have Patientriciti create programs customized for your care paths.
  • Response Analytics – Evaluates and improves the engagement rates over time. Ability to analyze by Program, by modes of communication, by Patient demographics, etc.
  • Survey Analytics – Analyzes patient responses to survey questions to identify care gaps. Evaluates impact of programs on population health over time to measure ROI.
  • Alert Management – Generates alerts based on patient responses. Define alert rules and level of alert based on the care path; define the alert notification text. Ability to view, and create reports for, all alerts generated by Program, by Patient, by Date. Manages alerts automatically – customized by how the alert should be sent (email/SMS), to which member(s) of the care team, at what frequency.
  • Care Manager Workflow – Ability to assign Patients to Care Managers. Care Managers can sign-in to the platform to manage their workflow – view the patients assigned to them, track their responses, view and track alerts generated by their patients, and create notes/ to-do lists for managing their patients’ health.
  • Rewards Manager – Encourages Patients to change behavior and sustain behavior change by rewarding the desired behavior or activity, e.g., points for responding to a questionnaire, or taking their medication on time. The rewards act as a positive reinforcement which increases engagement and makes the process of self-care management fun
  • Integration with EMR and Patient Portal – Ability to import data from the EMR system to identify target patients for specific care management programs. Ability to integrate relevant patient-generated data into the EMR system (e.g., Activity Data, Alerts) and the Patient Portals (e.g., Activity Data, Rewards Data). EMR integration allows Physicians to see the patient-generated data within the EMR instead of having to refer to multiple systems. Patient Portal integration helps drive patient traffic to the portal to help qualify for meaningful use incentives.

Our Advantages

Most solutions in the market today are not effective because they are purely technology solutions. Patientriciti’s unique approach combines proprietary technology capability with marketing and behavioral science strategies to engage each patient in a personalized way to affect sustained behavioral change.

Personalized Engagement

  • Based on patient profile, stated preferences, and past behavior
  • Multi-channel, multi-lingual

Sustained Behavior Change

  • Use of proven behavioral science strategies to encourage Patients to act and to sustain behavior change, e.g., gamification, social incentives

Superior Analytics

  • Population analytics engine to identify target population based on demographic and clinical characteristics
  • Patient response analytics and alert management capability to identify care gaps and enable care coordination
  • Ability to track program results by mode of communication, by patient demographics etc. – to measure ROI and improve


  • Cloud-based solutions that are easy to deploy, use, and maintain, and integrate with client workflow
  • Flexibility to create and administer customized programs and surveys
  • Consultative and customized approach to working with clients – we co-own the performance metrics with our clients, and are willing to make part of our fees success-based

Seasoned Team

  • Extensive experience that spans clinical, healthcare IT, healthcare product development, and healthcare service delivery expertise